JCube Condo Residence to Enjoy Access to Major Employment Areas in Singapore’s West Region

Singapore’s West Region is known for its burgeoning industrial development since independence, and JCube Condo Residence is right in the middle of all the excitement. Located in Jurong West, the condominium offers easy access to major employment areas such as Jurong Lake District (JLD), Jurong Innovation District (JID), and Tuas Port.

Residents of JCube Condo Residence can look forward to living in a self-contained urban neighbourhood with quality offices, housing, and amenities. The 360-hectare JCube Condo JLD is the largest mixed-use business district outside the city centre and features abundant green spaces and a complementary leisure and recreational cluster around Jurong Lake. Come 2035, four MRT lines will be serving the district, allowing residents to get to their destination with ease.

JID is an industrial district for advanced manufacturing, supporting an ecosystem of manufacturers, technology providers, researchers, and education institutions. Leveraging on advanced automation and more efficient processes, Tuas Port is projected to handle 65 million TEUs when fully operational by the 2040s. The port’s global reach and connectivity can also benefit factories in Tuas and Jurong with quicker production-to-market turnarounds.

Residents of JCube Condo Residence will also have easy access to the future Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub (ITH), which will allow commuters to switch between transport modes more conveniently. With the introduction of the Jurong Region Line and Cross Island Line, residents will have more commuting options.

JCube Condo Residence is also close to exciting lifestyle options and leisure activities. The existing J-Walk network will be extended to more developments, while the future Jurong Canal Drive Extension will be designed for buses only, connecting two ‘car-lite’ districts – Tengah and JLD. Residents will also be able to enjoy the lush green spaces, close to parks and nature corridors. Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore’s first national gardens in the heartlands, will bring nature closer to homes.

JCube Condo Residence is the perfect choice for those looking to be close to major employment areas in Singapore’s West Region. With easy access to quality offices, housing, amenities, transportation, and leisure activities, JCube Condo Residence is a great investment for any family.

Residents at the upcoming JCube Condo Residence in Singapore’s west region will have access to major employment hubs, such as Jurong Lake District, Jurong Innovation District and Tuas Mega Port.

Jurong Lake District is the first ever regional centre and is set to be a world-class destination for leisure, business and research. It is expected to create up to 28,000 jobs in the next 15 to 20 years, offering opportunities in the areas of finance, engineering, design and innovation. The district is also home to the new Science Centre Singapore, which is set to become a major global science destination.

Jurong Innovation District is Singapore’s first district dedicated to advanced manufacturing and engineering. It provides a unique ecosystem for technology and manufacturing companies to develop and test new products. The district is set to create up to 40,000 new jobs in the next 15 to 20 years, offering opportunities in the areas of engineering, digitalisation, data analytics and robotics.

Finally, the Tuas Mega Port is the world’s first fully automated port and is set to become the world’s largest port. The port will be home to more than 500 automated guided vehicles (AGV), providing a fully automated cargo handling process, as well as a range of services such as container storage, maintenance and repair. It is set to create up to 10,000 jobs in the next 10 to 15 years, offering opportunities in the areas of engineering, logistics and operations.

Residents of JCube Condo Residence will be able to enjoy easy access to these employment hubs, providing them with the opportunity to take advantage of the new jobs and business opportunities that they offer. Furthermore, JCube Condo Residence will also be in close proximity to major transport nodes, such as the Jurong East MRT Station, providing residents with easy access to the greater Singapore and beyond.

With its strategic location and access to major employment hubs, JCube Condo Residence is set to be a popular residential development for those seeking new job opportunities in the west region.

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